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About Us

Significant Asset Base and Capital:

As of 12/31/20, Heritage had total assets of approximately $7.3 billion and total adjusted capital in excess of $1 billion, ranking it among the top 100 U.S. life insurance companies*. Heritage’s superior capital level makes it is well positioned to grow its client base.

Satisfied Clients:

Heritage has a strong track record of timely performance on behalf of its clients.  Since 2012, Heritage has made more than $2 billion in payments covering benefits to policyholders.

Financial Health:

Over the past five years, Heritage has generated approximately $335 million in net income.  This strong operating performance supports Heritage’s long-term ability to continue to serve its clients.

Regulatory Oversight:

As a licensed U.S. life insurance company, Heritage files quarterly and annual financial statements with insurance regulators.  The annual financial statements are audited each year by a “Big Four” public accounting firm.  Heritage also undergoes periodic financial exams conducted by its domiciliary regulator in Arizona.

Key Business Relationships:

Heritage maintains financial relationships with a number of international money center banks, has credit facilities with large financial firms, and contracts with industry-recognized service providers.


Heritage is also a significant life insurance company member of the Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas, part of the Federal Home Loan Bank System created by Congress in 1932.


By virtue of its exceptional total adjusted capital level as a percentage of reserves, Heritage is well-suited to help manage capital strain created by ceding companies’ sales growth, thus reducing their capital costs, improving returns on equity, and ultimately reducing risk by decreasing their exposure to concentrated blocks of life and annuity products.


In addition to its reinsurance capabilities, Heritage is experienced in providing solutions to niche markets that utilize annuities to fund non-qualified structured settlements, structured deferral of payouts on attorney fee awards, and non-qualified tort settlements that may result in favorable tax treatment of ordinary income or capital gains to the ultimate taxpayer.

*Source: © A.M. Best Company - used by permission.

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